A Woolgathering

sheep-10With the end of the month upon us (and Halloween night awaiting we children of endless youth), I figured a wee-bit of woolgathering might be indulged in.

Before we begin, please remember that next week’s blogs will be, um, flighty in their postings (the business of being a daughter precluding the OCD-happy schedules I prefer). This inconsistency will begin tomorrow as there will be no blog whatsoever. Sorry about that, mates.

Now, on to this month’s hodgepodge!

1.) I bought a crabapple tree on Thursday. Named it “Nantucket.” Planted it yesterday. Pleasantly surprised to find it hadn’t run off screaming into the night this morning. (My neighborhood can be quite a hoot for the unprepared. Craziness abounds in these swamp waters.)

2.) The stark realization that The Hushing Days will probably not be finished until the first of the next year is a hard pill to swallow. I’m trying not to choke on it, but there is a fair amount of wheezing and hacking going on. It’s times like these when I desperately wish I was a better person, less selfish, more grateful. *sighs*

3.) While the Republican party is lambasting the “liberal” media, I’d like to take a moment to thank it. If one is going to lean to one side or another on its reporting, I will take that leftward tilt any day. I much prefer my news pushing acceptance over exclusion. Just saying.

4.) If anybody missed it, my Cubs lost in the NLCS. They lost bad. Oh well, it was a heck of an unexpected ride. Thanks boys! See you guys next year.

5.) Perhaps I should adopt the “Wait ‘til next year” Cubs-fan mantra as a trademarked Chloe Stowe slogan as well? It apparently will be very appropriate for The Hushing Days, at least… Yes, yes, I know. Selfish and still ungrateful. Apologies.

6.) Happy Halloween, my followers!… Now that, my friends, is said with not a scrap of selfishness but a bellyful of grateful.

Until Monday…


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