Cling Hardily to This

stockvault-coin-bank107189Never underestimate the importance of a cheat sheet.

Cling hardily to it.

Secure it in your under-things if you must.

When writing a novel of any kind, it is absolutely vital to keep tabs on all your players. You can be as detailed or as lax as you dare, but jotting down a record of who did what to whom and where is crucial for the sake of your story’s continuity.

It may be boring. It may feel a bit like the tedious school work of yours days past. It may be unintelligible gibberish to all but you, but it is NECESSARY.

Having momentarily misplaced my own cheat sheet for The Hushing Days (a stark 48 hours I twitch at recalling), I know of what I speak.

Take heed, dear writers. Take heed.

Until tomorrow…


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