Pandering, Scratching, Clawing

I’m an old hand at railing against mental illness. (Check the scar tissue around my eyes and heart.)

I’m also a reluctant but fair hand at pandering to the beast. (Scratching and clawing against a brick wall gets you nowhere, especially when given the option to simply walk around it and getting on with things.)

However, I am crap at doing either when faced with depression in a loved one.

I’m uber empathetic to it. Can even explain it rationally to myself and other bystanders. But to the one who suffers from it, I can communicate squat,

Impatience with the sufferer (however unfair)…

Fury at the beast (however deserving)…

Both are abundant in me, but neither helps.

Pandering and railing are so much easier.

Who knew?

Until tomorrow…


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