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Stainless Steel Elevators

Bucking the tradition of the majority of American bloggers today, I am refraining from all talk of turkeys, cornucopias, Black Fridays and other Thanksgiving madness… But, as an aside, if you must be told to be thankful for something, how genuine can the sentiment truly be? Just saying.

Carrying on.

A writer’s trick I have availed myself of countless times is this… Read your story out loud. No matter if the manuscript is not done. Read whatever you have written.

Listen to the way the words play together on the tongue. Pay attention to the flow your narrative voice commands. Does your dialogue sound really, truly, honest to goodness true-to-life? Would you roll your eyes if you overheard the conversation in an elevator? Or would you try to listen harder? Perhaps follow the couple off the lift just to hear what is spoken next?

A simple trick, yes, but one of my favorites.

Until tomorrow…


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