Dante’s Ink

pandora-03As book #18 lingers in final edits, I tried to write something new, refreshing and poppy yesterday. Just something to keep my pen in the inkwell, as it were.


*hems and haws*


*haws and hems*


Never try to write something new, refreshing and poppy. At least not when you’re me on a Thanksgiving holiday. My effort turned out rather Dante-esque… hellish, in many respects.

Shall I share?

Sure, why the heck not.

“There is a bright spot, mind you. It’s just up ahead. Whether it be a sun cracking the dawn or a train thundering near in the tunnel, there is a light. Keep your eyes on it. Don’t blink.

It’s blinding, yes. Tears will well. Your heart will hammer. But stay the course. Stay. The. Course.

On either side of you, behind and below, a darkness quakes and bellows. Worse yet, the shadows writhe in carnality…”

Rather “Tales from the Darkside,” don’t you think?

*shivers at the freakishness*

Not going there again, trust me.

Until tomorrow…


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