The Depository of Misfits

stockvault-trashcan-in-park133175A cored and pitted soul…

Nice, huh? Well, not nice exactly, but good imagery, right? Strong, memorable in a tragic light. Not cliché, but not so far out there that it leaves the readers shaking their heads at the author’s tortuous, overwrought (i.e. ridiculous) efforts.


It doesn’t really fit here, does it? The narrative voice I’m using for this blog wouldn’t say something like that. No matter the dark beauty of the turn of phrase it doesn’t belong and should be deleted, scratched out, disposed of forthwith.

Your responsibility as an author demands this cruel action. You must do it. Your readers deserve this honesty of voice.


All that doesn’t mean you can’t save “a cored and pitted soul” for later. Seriously. Jot it down in a depository of literary misfits. A list where your best deletions live.

I refer to mine often.

And that, ladies and gents, is my Monday tip to you.

Until tomorrow…


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