Broken & Spooned

stockvault-sangria101392A broken gnat trapped under a spoon.

I could leave it there, you know? Let you dangle, scratch your head at the utter stupidity of the image.

But I’m a kind broken gnat and seeing as how I’m no longer stuck under polished silverware I figured I’d explain.

Last night I went to dinner at a very nice restaurant with the entire family.

The food was good, the company better and all was merry and bright… except for my gnatness.

Inconsequential, broken headed me pinned down in a restaurant with panic eating at my gnat bones (Do gnats even have bones? Not the point, I suppose.)

Anyhow, I survived. Played it off pretty well, too. But, truth is, I was a gnat. Keep it to yourselves though. Need to keep that super cool Chloe Stowe illusion going.

Yeah, right.

Until tomorrow…

Chloe, the Belittled

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