The Fish Bowl Tactic

stockvault-fish-in-bowl131704I had to drag out the old fish bowl for this one.

*plops said-fish bowl on the table, scooches it into better light*

Whenever I have a particularly inane or insane incident with my crazies (panic, anxiety and gnat tendencies at the restaurant Thursday night… see yesterday’s blog for the bloody particulars), I try to examine the happening from all angles.

Putting it in this old fish bowl here, I try my darnedest to learn something from it. Either what I can do differently next time to prevent Stuck-Bug Syndrome, or at least note down what the Stuck-Bug triggers were. (Seeing as how understanding my panic disorder has become the white whale to my Ahab, all data is appreciated.)

If nothing valuable can be learned there, I try to flip the incident into something literary. Putting different characters in the same situation and watching how they’d each handle the Stuck-Bugness is surprisingly enlightening… most of the time.

This time, not so much.

Oh well. The old fish bowl trick doesn’t always work, but it does make one heck of a conversation piece to drag out in a Saturday blog.

Until tomorrow…


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