Cache of Confetti

stockvault-fireworks126752Doesn’t every writer have a cache of confetti in their pocket? A to-go celebration always handy when authorial accomplishments are reached?

*the din of silence speaks volumes*


Be that way.

However, I never go anywhere without my confetti. And if I’ve been excused of premature ticker-taping myself, so be it. It’s better to celebrate too early than to never celebrate at all.

So, you’ll excuse the bits of colored tinsel currently raining down upon your head. I’ve confetti-ed myself just this morning because I got 7 likes on my newest travel blog post.

Yes, 7.

It’s a record for me and the “Tiptoeing Soul,” so I don’t want to hear one whisper of pity or a single “Poor thing.” I’m enjoying my little moment of glee, and there will be no apologies for it.

Now, if you have an objection to streamers I’d hurry on. I’m feeling awful generous with my joy this morning and feel another celebration coming on.

Until tomorrow…


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