The Cheating Heart

Lady Justice at Dublin Castle

Have I cheated?

Oh, don’t even go there. I have not purloined, snatched, unintentionally nor intentionally pilfered someone else’s work or ideas as my own. Not only is it dastardly wrong and cowardly to boot, I honestly believe my head would implode from the very guilt of it.

So, as my troublesome head is still firmly attached and whole upon my neck be assured that my “cheating” had nothing to do with that.

Moving on or back or whatever the heck you want to say…

I split Chapter Eighteen into two. Not only did I cut it right in half, I sliced it up, declared the first half done and plopped the remainder back into the final editing-to-do slush pile with the rest of The Hushing Days.

Furthermore, I kind of partied when I did it. Patted myself on the back for another chapter edit well done, I did.

But now I wonder if I’ve somehow cheated?


It really is tiring being such a silly, silly thing as me.

Until tomorrow…


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