Immersion Required

scuba diver swimming

“A teensy bit of immersion will be required when reading this novel. Please, bring your swimming cap and snorkel.”

This is not the type of warning an author wants to squeeze onto the front cover of his or her book. No matter how nicely you put the admonition, it is rather bossy and presumptuous and really should be avoided at all costs.

The Hushing Days, however, is a book that could rightfully use such a cover directive. While I have dialed back the dialogue only to hint at its 18th century roots, there is a certain foreignness to the whole thing.

A tiny, noisy part of me wants to panic at this.

The rest of my gut wants to applaud.

Oh, I do really wish my mind would just shut up and let me write…

Yes, well, that statement makes no sense whatsoever. I believe I will depart before I toss up any more ridiculousness on your shoes.

Until tomorrow…


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