A Prickly Tangle of Faith

stockvault-thorns124026If there is no doubt, there is no faith…

No, don’t run and hide.

This is not an expose on religion, Cubs baseball or UFO sightings. It is simply a wee peek into the workings of a mind which had spent the entirety of Monday approximating a Gordian knot of barbed wire.

No relaxation nor sense could be had.

Every thought was prickly and a-tangled.

It was incredibly tiresome and should have sent my exhausted brain straight to sleep… It did not.

So, as I laid there in bed my mind and a good deal of my heart latched onto that opening statement. Eventually, I drifted off to sleep with that comforting thought on my mind… or, um, variations of that thought.

My OCD perked up and elbowed awake the editor in me, and I spent a good half-hour tinkering with the sentence. Word choice, grammatical structure, and flow off the tongue were all examined thoroughly with, finally, the above variation winning the lot (with “For there to be faith, there must be doubt” coming in a strong second.)

Bottom line: I am absurd. And while I often doubt God’s purpose for such a prickly tangle as me, I must have faith that there is one.

And here ends this wince-worthy peek.

Until tomorrow…


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