When Creativity Recedes


Which comes first to an author, the role or the actor?

Better yet, in fiction writing should a difference even be made?

Everyone has seen a movie where the actor was simply wrong for a juicy, well-penned part. Daryl Hannah in Wall Street, Sofia Coppola in Godfather Part III to name just two cases of bad casting.

Equally frequent is the case of a great talent being wasted on a crap part. Take any of the A-list actors in the Aiport movies of the 70’s as cases in point.

But is there such a divide in an author’s mind when writing fiction? If not, should there be?

Questions to ponder when the creative juices recede and the remains of Philosophy 101 crack the surface.

Until tomorrow…


Post-note: This piece of dry rot came to me at 2:00 this morning. The corpses of college classes are particularly troublesome on the far side of midnight.

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