False Front Carpentry

stockvault-from-the-ground-up101333When deciding whether to embark upon a contemporary or historical romance writing project please consider your feelings toward False Front Carpentry.

Contemporary romances can be set up with little more than plywood scraps and well-placed drapery. Your readers will most likely be able to identify with most physical locations, i.e. airports, big cities, ranches, small towns, condos, houses, apartments, department stores, churches, highways, etc. Just say the word and their minds will automatically fill in the majority of the details for you. You’re simply responsible for the peculiarities of place… usually a quick hammer and saw job of words.

Historical romances, on the other hand, can require associate degrees in Façade Management. Not only must you create false fronts to places foreign to most modern minds (i.e. grist mills, collieries, millinery shops, outposts, forts and the like), you must construct entire rooms in which to host your audience. They will need to be invited “in” to truly experience your story… Planning to camp out at the local lumberyard for a few weeks might be ideal.

Choose wisely, my friends, and you’ll enjoy your literary journey all the more.

Until tomorrow…


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