Feed the Addiction

Rabbit and tree

I peeked into my little black book last night. (Mind out of the sheets, please.)

Oh, I’m sure most writers have one. Instead of lost loves, squeezes and booty-calls, however, a fiction author’s little book is filled with story ideas, abandoned plot tangents and novel notions of varied ilk.

It is a dangerous book.

Plot bunnies are hungry little beasts. They’ll eat you out of time and suck you dry of creative juice. And that is precisely why I keep my little black book tucked well out of sight and more importantly out of reach.

But last night, with The Hushing Days now, finally, rushing to conclusion, I allowed myself the guilty pleasure of peeking.

Oh, it was a devilishly delicious buzz!

Remember to reward yourselves, authors. Give in to temptation from time to time. Feed the writing addiction to keep it alive.

Until tomorrow…


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