I Am Not Hobbled

toy-pictures-04I refuse to think of myself as hobbled my mental illness… though most would argue that I am.

Let’s face it. My panic/anxiety/OCD/all-around-general-nuttiness issues have and most likely always will limit my movement through this life.

That’s a fact.

However, my messed up head is not a punishment. It is not God’s method to keep me from straying.

No, this has not been done to me.

It is me.

Why this makes a difference? Who knows.

Why I felt like I needed to share that silliness today? Again, who knows.

Now, enough philosophizing. I have a novel to finish.

Until tomorrow…


Post-note: Frustration from not being able to work as long and as hard as I’d like on The Hushing Days final edits led to this weird post. Apologies to all… except those who needed to hear it.

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