rabbits-19I’ve seemed to have miscounted, misallocated or heck just plain misunderstood.

For months and months and, dare I say, months I have been droning on about the three storylines in The Hushing Days (troublesome novel #18).

Which plot is the lead? Can there be co-plots that share equal time and equal sweat? (My sweat, mind you; the three plots did little more than bask languidly in my obsessive attention) Can an ensemble historical romance be successful in a publishing world of lone storyliners?

You’ve suffered through these machinations with me. You know the pain.

Well, guess what? There’s only one freaking storyline.



Yesterday, in some cosmic moment of everything coming together and singing “We are the world”, the three plots merged into one glorious tale.

It would have been beautiful if I hadn’t wanted to strangle its whole nutty one-ness!

*deep breath, deep breath*

I’ve got a week left to get this thing done and no more rabbits better pop out of this hat. Just saying.

Until tomorrow…


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