Counting Peas

stockvault-boy-on-ladder114937A mulish five-year old in front of a plate of peas has nothing on me.

Let me explain.

Yesterday, I picked apart the remaining to-do’s on The Hushing Days and spread them all out in front of me.

Nineteen tasks stared back at me.

I moaned. I whined. I may have even thrown a little fit. “But, Mommy, there’s so many of them! I’m going to be here forever!”

Just like a child with nineteen peas between him and a mountain of fresh-from-the-box LEGOs, I pouted.


Don’t worry. I’ll stuff the nineteen down somehow. Might have to slip a few into my pocket, but my plate will be clean and I will get to play with my LEGO’s… but the process is not going to be pleasant.

Until tomorrow…


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