old vintage scissors

With the end of the month upon us, I proudly present to you my grab bag of blog scraps!

Try as they might, these little tidbits of posting ideas could never quite bulk up enough to become a full blog. Perhaps one or two of these might be of some use. Enjoy… or dispose of accordingly.

1.) When creating characters for a new story, I inevitably turn to contemporary actors for my male roles. They act as placeholders until my own fictional fleshing out occurs.

2.) On the other hand, when creating female characters for a new project, silent movie actresses are called upon as the seat-fillers. Delving into the reasons for this discrepancy I leave to my psychiatrist.

3.) Every query letter seems to require a different length of synopsis. Understandable, I suppose. I’m flexible. I was a gymnast. I can deal. However…

4.) Why does my 3 paragraph synopsis sound like its describing an entirely different book than my 5 paragraph synopsis? Don’t even get me started on my 1 paragraph summary versus the colossal 2 pager.  Excuse me, but… AARGH!

5.) With all this querying, crafting, researching and worrying about said-querying, etc., my brain feels like a limp lasagna noodle. Just saying.

Until tomorrow…


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