The Flipside

music-images-03While I was scurrying around the American Southeast yesterday on a 7 hour road trip, I crawled into a bit of Liszt. Being a classical music nincompoop, I expected to be both impressed and confused. I did not expect to be inspired. But not only was I inspired, I crawled out of Liszt with my creativity completely re-energized.

Oh, I’m still clutching my nincompoop papers firmly to my chest. Unfortunately, I was not struck with sudden musical insight. But I was struck by the man’s creative process.

He did not “write” to create the perfect piece for the piano, he “wrote” to use the piano perfectly.

Language came before story.

It’s a flipside we often forget in our rush to get published, in our rush to get paid.

Just something to think about.

Until tomorrow…


Post-note: I apologize for not letting you know ahead of time about my travel day Sunday. I completely forgot until Saturday’s blog was posted. Apparently, my nincompoop habits have leaked into my blogging.

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