The Jack & Jill Quandary

stockvault-climbing-the-hill118619With the Women’s Fiction arena now clear in my sights, it’s time to decide which of two story arcs do I ride into the party.

Plotline #1: Streamlined story; very complicated people. (i.e… Jack, a recovering alcoholic and borderline schizophrenic, and Jill, a narcissistic personality with deeply-seeded people issues, went up the hill to fetch a pail of water…)

Plotline #2: Very complicated story: streamlined people. (i.e…. Jack and Jill went up the hill in an effort to evade their own government which has turned inexplicably on its own spies and marked the pair for death; while there, the couple feigns fetching a pail of water while signaling their compatriots, an underground network of redeemed assassins.)

Of course, Plotline #1.5 would be ideal, but that would mean a novel approximately 450,000 words long… Um, no.


I’ll keep you updated.

Until tomorrow…


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