The Path Not Beaten

stockvault-car-in-the-desert132878Now, 2k words into writing my first Women’s Fiction novel, I must say I’m rather giggly about the whole experience. It’s as if I’ve been driving race cars my whole life and have just now been introduced to the rough and tumble freedom of off-road vehicles.

Romances, alas, often have to follow certain plainly marked roadways to sell. Certainly, you may jump a few curbs or rumble across a stray sidewalk, but to reach that publishing finish line you’ve got to stay true to the paved, well-grooved Happily Ever After lane.

Women’s Fiction is a jeep with attitude. All terrains are welcome. Finish lines may pop up on sand, mud, rock or in mid-air. It’s marvelous fun!

So far.

Please, remind me of this post in 6 months when I’m trying to hock the book amongst the professional off-roaders.

Until tomorrow…


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