The Strategy of Childish Leaps

stockvault-leap-of-faith158530The Leap Strategy has been applied!

(Um, no, not that financial thingamabob about securities and stocks. Sorry. My royalty checks barely cover a monthly trip to Sonic for half-price shakes.)

I am speaking of a leap in literary processes!

(Um, no, not nearly as boring as it sounds. Trust me. Read on.)

I have decided to write the entirety of my next novel (my first venture into Women’s Fiction) in a single point-of-view!

(Ok, maybe it is a touch boring. Sorry. It’s certainly exciting to me.)

I’ve never done such a wild and crazy thing.

(Yes, yes, I realize lots and lots of books are written this way but never one of mine. So, big deal here. A blind leap that I hope with all my heart doesn’t end in a bloody “SPLAT!”)

Oh well. No matter the outcome, what’s life without a few childish leaps of faith, right?

Until tomorrow…


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