Last Words

stockvault-nature187355“Look for me in the bee balm.”

The sheer ridiculousness of this statement cannot be overstated here.

I don’t do bees.

Have never done bees.

Purgatory for me would be nothing but bees.

So, for me to ever stand willingly in a stand of bee balm, untangling mutant grape vines from giant purple blooms (aka: bee nip) is the height of absurdity. Utter cuckoo insanity. Straitjacket fodder.

Yeah, well, one guess where I spent my day?

“Look for me in the bee balm,” I’ll cackle endlessly to myself as stern people with very long needles finally drag my nutter of a butt away.

Until tomorrow…


Post-note: Needless to say, no writing was done today. Frankly, I’m surprised I’m still verbal.

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