stockvault-anonymous189432My first full day of writing in ages, yesterday. It was glorious!

Jazzed and feeling quite full of myself, I embarked in the always harrowing task of updating my author profiles. Specifically: my biography photo.

When one is forced by mental illness to lead a relatively solitary life, it is extremely hard to find photos of one’s self. People don’t know me beyond my words. I don’t mind this too terribly much (at least I am known, if just somewhat), but it does become an issue at the most awkward of times.

Hence, two hours of selfies yesterday.

Hence, my dog looking at me like I had finally lost my last marble.

It’s incredibly weird to see myself on film. I, too, tend to forget I exist beyond my words.

Hmm, how odd that is.

Bottom line: Leave your mark on this world however you must. Be it a smile, a laugh or a well-placed slash of pen upon paper.

Until tomorrow…


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