stockvault-left-turn--55140842Effort Redirection 101.

This should be a course somewhere. Really. Perhaps a how-to. Anyone up for making an app?

In my particular case, I’m looking for something aimed at literary genre-hopping.

Working on my first Women’s Fiction attempt while simultaneously returning to M/M romance for an 18th novel-go, has made me appreciate the real skill it takes in redirecting one’s efforts.

While I’m putting equal energy, creative juice, gung-ho-ness in both books, I’m having to funnel each effort into completely different areas.

For instance, spicy repartee is not nearly as crucial in The Nightjar (Historical Women’s Fiction) as it is in The Clockwise Heart (Contemporary M/M Romance). Historical accuracy, plot manipulation, comedic interludes, sex scenes, atmosphere, grit and just plain old writing style also fall into the scope of Effort Redirection.

Yes. I need an app.

Somebody, please, please get to it.

Until tomorrow…


Post-note: For any interested, you can now find this blog and other Chloe-sundries on Tumblr. I have zero idea what I’m doing there, but so far I’m pleased at its beginnings. Just a warning: it may at first appear to be a bit more adult-ish over there, but it’s just the same old me. Here’s the link if you’d like to take a peek:

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