Irony of Choice

stockvault-lafayette-semisarahcom131230Authors get to a certain point in their careers where they employ different styles of writing for different projects. (At least I’ve reached that point, and since I am the quintessential poster girl for “normal” we’ll go with this generalization as gospel truth, alright? )

Anyhow this point is not without its drawbacks. (Especially for the “normal” girl with OCD tendencies and anxiety issues up her wazoo.)

Imagine you have a job interview that is all about how you present yourself, including how you arrive at said-interview. If you’ve only got one car in your driveway, you hop in that serviceable Honda Civic without a second thought and tootle along.

But if you’ve got a BMW convertible, a Lexus SUV, and an extended cab Ford pick-up in your garage to choose from, well, some serious contemplating is called for. (Monstrous pitfall for OCD’ed, anxious chicks.)

Bottom line:… Hmm, there is no bottom line. Just reality here. With every good comes its share of bad, I suppose. (Take this pretty but pointless post for example. *smiles apologetically*)

Until tomorrow…


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