The Leftovers

stockvault-living-on-the-edge188636The end of the month is nearly upon us and so it is time to gather leftover thoughts and present them to you in a tidy list. Dispose of them as you wish.

1.) A short story idea has recently arrived on my doorstep. I have yet to decide if I’ll let it in.

2.) The current state of my mind resembles a piece of cheap card stock run through a paper shredder and glued back together again by a thumbsy kindergartener… i.e. impassioned but sloppy.

3.) Travel day on Sunday, so you’ll have to muddle through without me until Monday. Expect sporadic posting times next week… i.e. daily but sloppy.

4.) Two crape myrtles have joined my garden menagerie. They are the Frances Twins. Join me in welcoming them to the madness.

5.) The four-legged, furry muse is currently suffering through very fuzzy feet. With the dog days of August near, this will simply not do. The groomer calls. Furry toes will answer.

6.) Of course I’ll let the stray short story in. Who the heck was I kidding?

Until tomorrow…


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