Storytelling Junkie

stockvault-antique-typewriter-close-up133434As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve started a new blogging project, The Bolthole.

Yeah, I know, what the #*!?, right? (The four-legged furry muse had the same reaction, trust me.)

Two reasons, and here they are…

1.) I loved doing The Tiptoeing Soul travel/writing blog but I simply don’t have the time to work on that now. *sighs* So, the Bolthole is an abbreviated version of it. A place where I can just plop down and share whatever places immediately wrench a story out of me. Think of it as taking a quick and dirty inspiration hit for all us storytelling junkies out there.

2.) I work too darn hard already but needed to work just a little harder. (Yeah, yeah, probably just feeding the problem here, but no one can say I don’t give this writing thing my all.)

Hope to see you there!

Until tomorrow…


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