Dust on the Whatnots

stockvault-camp188098End of the month, so here’s my list of whatnots gathering dust in my corners:

1.) Now in the eye of the cone of uncertainty, meteorologically speaking. (Under a Hurricane Watch for tomorrow night.) Psychologically speaking, I’ve long ago earned squatter rights in that cone.

2.) My OCD tendencies are having a delicious time with The Bolthole blog. This is not good. Weening off of searching for just the perfect photo has begun. So far, results are more positive than not. Barely.

3.) An unusual amount of writing on The Clockwise Heart is being done on paper. Why? Please. As if I have any idea what goes on in this nuthouse.

4.) Bone-tired of the crap that goes on inside my head, so…

5.) Even more determined to force some measure of success out of this cranial mess of mine.

6.) I need a holiday, not a hurricane.

Until tomorrow…


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