stockvault-prison-medical-ward-black-amp-white-hdr180984End of the month so let’s see what’s growing under the couch and behind the flour jar…

1.) Publishers of genre romance really need to have a bit more faith in their readers. A complicated plot is not beyond their audience’s minds.

2.) Copy editors please take note of this as well. Verbs beyond “was” do exist.

3.) “Mental illness in the head” and “mental illness in the house” are simply two sides of the same cursed coin.

4.) Two of my three MLB teams are heading to the playoffs! The chance of one knocking out the other is grotesque and growing. Maybe I should just bunk down with my Rays in last place and start the hibernation process a bit early this off season?…

5.) Yeah, right. Glutton for punishment here. Point this girl to the dungeon!

Until tomorrow…


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