Take One

( is the name of my upcoming vlog on YouTube. While I’ve been working on the planning stages for weeks, today was the first day I dared touch the camera. These “Takes” will be occasionally posts about the experience of a writerly nut coming out of her shell. Consider these extracurricular and skip with my blessing.)

stockvault-horse101069I put myself on camera today. I wanted to check makeup, lighting and background options.

Bottom line: I look like a horse.

Loooong face, looooong nose.

Other than the equine-thing, I’m not horrified at the woman on screen. I look like me. Wish I could do more about the ‘scar,’ but I’m nothing without that I guess. So, that’s a “Check!” on the makeup.

Lighting is another issue. I was hoping to get away with natural light, but that’s only going to do for phone footage. The real camera is going to take real lighting. Imagine that. Oh well, that should arrive tomorrow.

Background options are many. My white textured walls make for fine, although boring, backdrops. They’ll be a good start at least. The talking horse will own the spotlight. Yippee?

Second bottom line: I end the day feeling more positive than negative about the vlogging prospect. I’ll call that win and go nibble on some hay.

Until the next take…


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