The Troubling Lean

This is not a gremlin.

A week from tomorrow, my potcake puppy starts her hardline Heartworm treatment.

Two months of no running, no jumping, no out-n-out rowdiness. All times outside on a leash. All times inside just chilling.

Papaya Sunshine will NOT like this.

Oh, Chloe will NOT like this either but… the three-headed gremlin of Anxiety, Panic and OCD that clangs around in Chloe’s head will ADORE it.

There will be gorging, I’m afraid.

The little monster in the attic will feast on my worry and grow.

And grow.

And grow.

My chief concern, of course and always, is my Papaya, but pardon me if all stray concerns lean toward gremlin-gulping.

Until tomorrow…


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