Bubble Wrap Time

Protect the ELF.

That Egregiously Ludicrous Fool inside of you?

The one that mucks up all your attempts at normalcy, sanity and general agreeability with the rest of the humanity?

Yep, that guy. Keep an eye on him.

While the world (and hopefully you) make merry this Christmas, pad your ELF well against unintentional hurt.

Throw on the bubble wrap.

Toss in that blasted popcorn.

Slap on the FRAGILE sticker.

The ELF may not be your favorite part of you, but he is you.

Guard the Eccentric Little Freak well… and pass the guy some spiked eggnog along the way. (Heaven knows the guy needs the drink.)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Until Dec. 26th


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